January 24th 2021


This week’s lesson includes a game of charades. Let’s have fun as we learn and grow in our faith.



January 17th 2021

    We are continuing to learn about true teaching, true teaching and true loving from 1st John. This week’s lesson includes a fun science experiment. Parents please read lesson first to make sure you have the supplies on hand.

    Jan-17 Cornerstone Lesson

    Dec. 20th 2020

    This week’s lesson you will make and eat traditional “Journey Cakes” as we reflect on our Advent Journey towards Christmas.

    Lesson and instructions can be downloaded below:

     Lesson Dec. 20, 2020



      November 29th, Dec 6th, Dec. 12th 2020


      In November, Pastor Rachel delivered a bag containing lessons for the three weeks listed above.

      Nov. 29th – Advent Prayer Bag Week One

      Dec. 6th – Advent Prayer Bag Week Two – Nativity Locked Room, Preschool lesson

      Dec. 15th – Advent Prayer Bag Week Three –  Nativity Craft

      NOTE – The craft is slightly different. As I could not find the wire twine we are using a pipecleaner. Therefore, I did not include the “legs” for the donkey (just the head). The craft would be too heavy/bulky with the legs of the donkey. Also use hot glue to attach pegs to pipe cleaner if you do not have a stapler handy.